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SkeeBoost Character Guide 🎮✨


Welcome to SkeeBoost, where magical characters bring excitement to every game! Discover the diverse cast of characters and their unique abilities to dominate the game.


1. Common Characters:


Owl – Owl Star: 🦉 Known the ability to shoot a 5-way ball & create rain fog.


Mole – Holy Molly: 🐾 Holy Molly can block your 100’s holes & dig 2 new 100 holes.


2. Premium Characters:


Hippo – Hippie Hippo: 🦛 Don’t be fooled by its size, he knows how to drop balls from the sky (falling balls) & create an earthquake.


Pig – Starvy: 🐷 Starvy’s snout can sniff out the best paths and uncover hidden treasures by adding 2 balls for his throws or eating 2 balls from the opponent.


3. Legendary Characters:


Cobra – Venom Strike: 🐍 (Unlocked at 30 trophies) – Cost: 80 coins

Special Magic – X4 Ball: The Cobra’s ball becomes poisonous and gleams in green with a “X4” marking. Landing in any hole, it’s worth 4x points. If the hole has double points like X3, X2, X4, etc., the multiplier adds on. (Requires hitting 140 Blue Points, “charges” 1 ball)

Attack Magic – Paralyzing Ball: The Cobra creates a fast-moving rectangular plate hovering above holes, making aiming difficult. Hitting the plate breaks it, yielding no points. (Requires hitting 120 Red Points)


Wolf – Moon Shadow: 🐺 (Unlocked at 50 trophies) – Cost: 100 coins

Special Magic – Pack Howl: Allows you to shoot a 10-Way ball, similar to Owl’s 5-Way. (Requires hitting 150 Blue Points, “charges” 1 ball)

Attack Magic – Lunar Eclipse: Darkens the opponent’s screen, gradually fading as they throw their balls. (Requires hitting 190 Red Points)


Tiger – Chloe: 🐯 (Unlocked at 60 trophies) – Cost: 110 coins

Special Magic – Vertical Fury: Automatically throws 5 balls to specific holes for guaranteed points. (Requires hitting 130 Blue Points, no ball charge)

Attack Magic – Pouncing Swipe: Slices the opponent’s screen, making the center harder to see. (Requires hitting 110 Red Points)


Rabbit – Carrot Head: 🐰 (Unlocked at 70 trophies) – Cost: 120 coins

Special Magic – Carrot Boost: Shoots 6 balls from the bottom, guaranteeing hits in specific holes. (Requires hitting 130 Blue Points, no ball charge)

Attack Magic – Burrow Barrier: Creates barriers in opponent’s holes, blocking their shots. (Requires hitting 200 Red Points)


Polar Bear – Mr. White: 🐻 (Unlocked at 100 trophies) – Cost: 140 coins

Special Magic – Arctic Blast: Creates paths guiding balls to higher-scoring holes. (Requires hitting 150 Blue Points, no ball charge)

Attack Magic – Snowstorm: Conjures a snowstorm, obscuring the opponent’s view. (Requires hitting 160 Red Points)


Tortoise – Sheldon: 🐢 (Unlocked at 150 trophies) – Cost: 160 coins

Special Magic – Quad Turtle: Grants 4 balls and extends turn time. (Requires hitting 150 Blue Points, no ball charge)

Attack Magic – Slow and Steady: Reduces opponent’s turn time. (Requires hitting 200 Red Points)


4. Epic Characters:


Gorilla – Mamba: 🦍 (Unlocked at 180 trophies) – Cost: 200 coins

Special Magic – Triple Grumble: Drops balls directly into specific holes. (Requires hitting 150 Blue Points, no ball charge)

Attack Magic – Primal Slam: Damages opponent’s holes, making scoring harder. (Requires hitting 200 Red Points)


Crocodile – Snapush: 🐊 (Unlocked at 250 trophies) – Cost: 240 coins

Special Magic – Trailing Ball: Leaves a trail of balls following your throw. (Requires hitting 120 Blue Points, “charges” 1 ball)

Attack Magic – Jaws Snap: Consumes opponent’s balls. (Requires hitting 190 Red Points)


Shark – Dagadol: 🦈 (Unlocked at 320 trophies) – Cost: 320 coins

Special Magic – Ocean Wave: Drops balls into high-scoring holes. (Requires hitting 220 Blue Points, no ball charge)

Attack Magic – Shark Attack: Summons fast-moving sharks to interfere with opponent’s shots. (Requires hitting 100 Red Points)


Lizard – Layzor: 🦎 (Unlocked at 400 trophies) – Cost: 500 coins

Special Magic – Mirage Mirage: Grants special balls that amplify points on hits. (Requires hitting 210 Blue Points, no ball charge)

Attack Magic – Color Swap: Turns opponent’s holes neutral. (Requires hitting 100 Red Points)


Each character brings a unique blend of offense and defense to the game. Choose wisely and master their abilities to dominate the SkeeBoost arena! 🌟🔮


Using Special and Attack Magic: Each character in SkeeBoost possesses special magical abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Here’s how to master them:

  • Experiment: Try different characters to find your play style.
  • Practice: Hone skills with each character’s magic.
  • Adapt: Tailor strategy to game modes and scenarios.
  • Balance Risk and Reward: Consider costs and risks of premium characters.
  • Pay Attention to game modes: For Blitz – the accumulation of magic is different between each character, for Battle Royale no attack magic is available at all.


Pro Tip:

For Battle Royale, use a character that has a low accumulation for Special Magic, like Snapush or Carrot Head

So for instance if you use Snapush – who has it’s special magic fully charged while hitting 120 points in blue holes, it is easier to win Battle Royale with this character as you can fill your special magic several times during round 1 and round 3, however, his magic which is “Trailing Ball” requires skill and precision in order to fully utilize its potential.

Our tip for you is to try at least 3-4 games with each character while using it’s magics to understand which character fits best to your play style, expensive characters has more magic power but they are harder to accumulate and of course cost more so the risk is on you 🙂


With these tips, venture forth into SkeeBoost and unleash the magical prowess of your chosen character! 🌟🔮

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