There are many potential reasons why a game can lag, such as connection issues, weak network signal, external interference, older devices, etc.

You can try following these steps which should hopefully help resolve your lagging issues:

– Close all other apps running in the background.

– Restart your device.

– Make sure you have a full data connection and are playing in an area that has continuous reception, as this sometimes causes the game to lose connection.

– Turn your data/WiFi off and on again during the game. This should refresh your connection and help you keep playing!

– Check you are playing with the latest update available.



– You may have poor service on either your WiFi or your mobile data. Try switching between the two to see where you have a better connection.

– If the game is still lagging or not loading, please clear the app cache on your phone:



We hope these steps help to solve the issues you are experiencing.