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Understanding Blue and Red Holes in SkeeBoost: A Guide


Are you puzzled by the significance of blue and red holes in SkeeBoost? Fear not, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know:


Blue Holes: Charging Special Magic


  • Blue holes serve as the key to charging your character’s special magic.


  • In the Hood UI, you’ll notice a magic bar for each character with a specific number displayed. This number indicates the amount of blue points required to charge the magic and activate it.


  • For instance, if your character’s magic requirement is 180, hitting 180 points in blue holes will fill the blue bar, transforming it into an “Activate” button. This allows you to unleash your character’s special magic during gameplay.


Red Holes: Activating Attack Magic


  • Red holes trigger an “attack magic” against your opponent.


  • Similar to blue holes, red holes charge to their full capacity upon reaching the specified number on the magic bar. Once fully charged, the bar changes to “Active.”


  • No further action is needed from your end; if the magic is fully charged, it automatically launches an attack on your opponent during their first throw in the opening round.


Game Mode Dynamics


  • While some game modes feature constant blue and red holes, others may vary.


  • In Classic and Casual modes, hitting blue and red holes causes them to become neutral in subsequent rounds.


  • Certain characters possess abilities that influence hole colors and mechanics, adding layers of strategy to gameplay.


Conclusion Understanding the significance of blue and red holes is crucial for mastering SkeeBoost. Keep these dynamics in mind as you navigate through different game modes and characters. Good luck on your SkeeBoosting journey! 🎳🚀

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